InProcess-LSP appoints Particular Sciences for sales and support 

InProcess-LSP, founded in 2014, is a highly innovative organisation providing full Process Analytical Technology (PAT) method and instrument development services. Particular Sciences is now responsible for their sales and support in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

InProcess-LSP are the inventors of the NanoFlowSizer: a unique, non-invasive nanoparticle sizer for real-time measurement. The NanoFlowSizer is capable of measuring particle size and size distribution of turbid nanosuspensions during flow, without the need for sample treatment or dilution.

Particular Sciences are supporting Pion-Inc in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This was exciting news in 2022 and now in 2024 we are also supporting Pion customers in Northern Ireland. Pion and BEE products are complimentary additions to the material characterisation instruments and technologies we offer our customers. 

Unique instruments and services that help scientists make informed decisions about Food and Drug Formulation in the journey from R&D to manufacturing

After 23 years with Particular Sciences, Formulaction support moves to another distributor.

Formulaction were acquired by Verder Group  in mid 2023 and from Jan 2024 sales, service and support moved to Microtrac VBR whose distribution partners are Focus Scientific, part of the Lennox company. We take this opportunity to thank all in Toulouse for their kindness and support and thank the customers who purchased Turbiscan and other products from us over the years. The technology is excellent and fills an important place in material characterisation.

BEE International was acquired by Pion-inc.

Pion Inc. builds a broader sample preparation toolkit for formulation with the acquisition of BEE International, adding homogenization capabilities to integrated, in vitro solutions for accelerated drug development.

BEE International brings cutting-edge homogenization and patented emulsification technology adding this to Pion’s best-in-class lab equipment for drug characterization helps scientists efficiently establish cause-and-effect relationships for rapid progress in drug formulation and then scale from lab to manufacturing.

This is an excellent fit for Particular Science as Homogenisation is a classic particle size reduction technology. BEE International has unique modular construction, making it easy to optimise a method and exchange parts. Read the official announcemnt here.

We are delighted to announce we have been appointed distributor for Nikon Metrology in Ireland.

“High precision measurement and inspection during production is essential for advanced manufacturing operations. Nikon provides systems for diverse and demanding quality control applications throughout industry.”  We shall principally be responsible for the sales and support of Nikon Microscopes to Industry. Including Stereo Microscopes with zoom, Compound microscopes and digital image capture and analysis. This is an ideal addition to our material characterisation portfolio.

We have a full set of demonstration microscopies and have new specialist  Nigel Kilduff, who will train alongside Nikon personnel and with them in their regional offices in the UK

Since the end of 2020, Particular Sciences have been working with Netzsch to promote and supply their excellent thermal products and rheology products. This is a developing situation, 

Gerry Power is our product specialist with the support of Eileen Smith of Netzsch UK promoting Netzsch Thermal products including DSC, TGA, and STA. Gerry of course sells and supports the Kinexus rotational and the Rosand capillary rheometers which transferred from Malvern Panalytical in 2020.

Visit our Rheology technology basket and the Thermal technology baskets on the Products page for more details.