While Microsoft are starting to push Win 11 updates to Win 10 users – we are currently not advising customers to adopt the new O/S with Instruments. If you get a screen from Microsoft asking you to update, please close this screen. Do not proceed.

Malvern Panalytical for example have posted a general advisory on their web site.

Customers have been asking about the Log4j vulnerability disclosed Dec 19 2021 and their instrument/software installations.

In general we do not envisage this is a risk as these software’s are intended to be stand alone. However we have asked all our principles and to date those named below have advised us:

  • Malvern Panalytical have advised us that they have checked their software and found no such vulnerability and posted their advisory on their web site.
  • Micromeritics have also advised us that none of their instrument software or their web sites use JavaScript. This advisory also applies to Freeman Technology and to PID products.
  • Biolin Scientific have stated that their software is not affected.
  • Surface Measurement Systems stated that their software does not use JavaScript
  • Formulaction issued a customer advisory to delete library files in certain Turbiscan software versions, they will be issuing new software.

As a general rule we advise all customers to check that the software used with their analytical instruments is the latest version available. Most of our suppliers have utilities on their website to check the latest releases and many offer a direct download link. This not only ensures you have the latest features but in many cases upgrades/updates contain “bug fixes” or improvements that protect your system from adverse effects or vulnerabilities.

We understand that customers in regulated environments need to involve QA and verify upgrades. In these cases we recommend upgrades are planned to coordinate with the annual OQ work.

We also recommend that your PC operating system (typically Win 10) is updated routinely and that any anti-virus and firewall software is fully up to date. If your windows is out of date you are more than likely exposed to known vulnerabilities. Legacy O/S like XP or Win 7 is a serious risk to performance, stability, support and security.