Technical notes and applications

Technical notes and applications is where we will gather innovative, novel or interesting ideas from our manufacturers.

Using Polarizers in DLS measurements.

The latest Zetasizer Advanced Pro and Ultra models have an inbuilt filter wheel with a fluorescence filter, a vertical polarizing filter and a horizontal polarizing filter factory installed. The polarising filters bring new capabilities to your DLS measurements and some surprising benefits.

The Vertical polarizer filter can bring you the sort of quality DLS performance you get with glass cuvettes while using low-cost plastic cuvettes – by reducing the scattering noise. For more information on this effect contact Particular Sciences or follow As an example of the effectiveness of this use of polarizers in DLS measurements, look at the graph to the side.

The Vertical Polarizer can also be used during NIBS measurements of concentrated samples to reduce multiple scattering making the measurements at higher concentrations more realistic. This approach was reported by Ragy Ragheb & Ulf Nobbman in Nature’s scientific reports 10, article 217168, 10 Dec 2020

Last but not least, by applying Horizontal Polarization you differentiate Rotational Diffusion from the classic Translational Diffusion we normally use to calculate particle size. This can help identify particles having a shape that is creating some slower than expected diffusion. For more information on this effect contact Particular Sciences or follow .

Flow Imaging Microscopy with Light Obscuration

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. manufactures particle analysis instrumentation with digital imaging technology. While the FlowCam series capture the best images possible, their new FlowCam + LO brings extra capabilities to particle detection.

Sub-visible particle detection by flow imaging technologies is classically used in bio-pharma to to view particles and understand more about the nature of any contamination or aggregates.  These labs usually QC their samples on particle counters according to the USP <788> standard. FlowCam + LO tasks flow imaging and light obscuration in one compact and easy to use system.

To learn more about how flow imaging with FlowCam works follow this link.

To download the FlowCam + LO brochure follow this link.

To read the Fluid Imaging informative e-Book please visit the Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies web site and register for your own copy

Otherwise please contact Particular Sciences and arrange sample testing or a demonstration.

Images taken on a FIT FlowCam