Particular Sciences Ltd. specialises in technologies for the physical testing of chemicals and of materials in industry & research throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our mission is to uphold excellence in material characterisation and life sciences technologies and to deliver the highest quality support to customers.           


Scientific instruments using advanced technologies from the best manufacturers. 


Ten technical staff with a combined 300 years of relevant experience offer advice on technologies.


Local after-sales support with installations, user training, method support and validation services.


Call or email for help with your analysis, data or results. Book a  service callout, plan a maintenance visit.

Our Technologies
Vision, Microscopes, digital images
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Process monitoring
PAT tools, Inline/Atline/Online, concentration, size distribution
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Our company history
Particular Sciences Ltd formed in 1989 to fill a gap in local infrastructure to support customers requiring advanced material characterisation technologies.

“Particular Sciences Ltd.’s first technology was the groundbreaking laser particle sizing instruments from Malvern Instruments. Our customer base in 1989 was minimal; I worked out of my garage classically! The business developed and grew with the expanding Irish market. Over the years, we added suppliers like Micromeritics, Freeman Technologies and Pion-Inc, broadening the material characterisation profile. Some suppliers like Kaiser Optical and recently Formulaction have gone to other channels, while some like Insitec and Bohlin Instruments merged into our existing supplying companies. New technologies came with acquisitions—for example, Panalytical with X-ray technologies and MicroCal with protein thermal analysis. In 2022, we represented 20 leading instrument companies for Material Characterisation. Some of the products are cutting-edge. All have 64-bit software that we could only dream of back in 1989 with our 8-bit computers with floppy disk drives.

Particular Sciences grew from a few staff in 1995 who are with us to this day to 20 employees, and we may add to our dedicated team yet!. Naturally, some valued colleagues left for other careers, and some moved to other countries, and I wish them all the best. Soon we shall see the first staff leave by retirement.

Ireland continues to attract researchers and significant inward investment. Particular Sciences today locally supports subsidiaries of global giants in Pharma, Bio-Pharma, Medical Devices, Electronics and Nano-Technologies sectors. As well as homegrown companies in the food, beverage, healthcare, minerals and specialty materials sectors. Particular Sciences has now installed over >600 specialist scientific instruments into >250 companies.

And throughout all this development, we hold to our original concept – to strive to offer the level of support our principles do in their subsidiary territories.”

Sean P. Quilty,      December 2023, Dublin