Exciting events for 2021

          Our Seminar and Training courses move on-line and we plan even more exciting events

    • Our major virtual event Phys Props 2021 was held at the end of June and was a great success. To capture the flavour of the day and see what it looked like link to the past events page.
    • Particular Sciences also outline exciting events being organised by our Suppliers and relevant Conferences. This page will be where they are all listed, and give you links to the individual programs, come back often. 
Workshop with Malvern Panalytical

Join this interactive workshop to see experts, discussing how the best – and worst – decisions in pharmaceutical development and manufacture are made, and offer their top tips for success. They will use real-life examples!

Sorption Science Symposium

The virtual Symposium will explore recent research & case studies on applications of sorption science from the DVS and iGC perspectives, with leading experts providing new & useful insights that can aid, inform, and expand your research. 

Webinars from the suppliers we work with
e-Learning and training by the instrument companies