Events scheduled for 2023

      1. Mastersizer 3000 workshops for training on theory and operation on May 4th (see page)
      2. A Seminar  & Workshop with Pion-Inc  on May 10th (see  page)
      3. Events scheduled for later in the year include
        1. A Vision workshop with various technologies
        2. A Metrology seminar with Nikon
        3. An Xray users day with Malvern Panalytical and Claisse
        4. DVS workshop with SMS
        5. Physisorption seminar and users workshop with Micromeritics
        6. Submicron seminar and Zetasizer Advanced workshop for users.

A 1-day symposium in Munich this June to discuss and debate biorelevant assays in Pharmaceutical Science that will bring together scientists who work on formulations that increase the uptake of drugs as well as develop models, instruments, and methods that realistically represent complex biological systems like the GI tract, skin, and others.

More details on location, costs and registration.

e-Learning and training by the instrument companies
Webinars and events with our suppliers
Meet our newest recruit, Sara Tumpa

Sara  has joined the office-based administration team under Iwona Pompka. She is an additional resource alongside Raquel and Niamh, helping the increasing workload in order processing and coordination of engineers, contracts and related IT. Sarah brings fresh energy to the team and new skills to the company.