Events during 2022

As Covid normalised we returned to live events with:

    • The first in the 2022 series was a Training workshop for Mastersizer 3000 users. A comprehensive two-day program with theory, hands-on, software, applications and user service content. This was held on April 31st and May 1st in Dublin. 
    • Later in 2022, Dr Ciaran Maguire organised a very successful multi-aspect Seminar on Sub-Micron technologies at the Conway Institute UCD. 
    • We also held an important seminar on sample stability and dispersibility in UCC with Formulaction. Turbiscan technology was overviewed with Food and Pharma applications presented by Yoann Lefeuvre. Demonstrated with real-time experiments was the new, innovative Turbiscan DnS that addresses a space in Dispersion and Stability that has left many of us adrift with methods and sample prep difficulties.
e-Learning and training by the instrument companies
Webinars and events with our suppliers