Investigate, evaluate, acquire

Your journey to a new technology begins here

  1. Investigate: See what new technology or instrument might help you.
  2. Evaluate: Assess the products available from the best manufacturers for your application and needs.
  3. Acquire: Consult with our sales engineers, analyse a sample, have a demonstration, source with confidence.

Our Support includes installations, qualifications, user training, method advice, and troubleshooting when needed. Your journey extends to trade-in at the end of working life and to safe disposal with WEEE.

Particular Sciences for local support throughout your journey

While the technology you choose on your “Investigate, Evaluate , Acquire” journey and the product you buy may come first. Technical support and service support are the things that really make the difference and are the long-term yet invisible benefits.

Particular science will support you with their skilled field service, professional technical advice and manufacturer’s upgrades to keep your instrument in the best possible condition for its hopefully long working life. The instruments we install normally exceed seven years of busy use, with many being more than twelve years on the front line. Some installations are over fifteen years old and still in routine use.

It’s the pace of technology change that drives your need to trade-in for a newer or higher performance system. Computers move on, electronics and software improve and of course new capabilities are discovered.

Investigate, evaluate, acquire.