Welcome to the home page of Particular Sciences new website.

Particular Sciences support material characterisation in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We work with particles, powders, emulsions, slurries, sprays and formulations.

We are a team of sales engineers with support staff in offices, labs and warehouse in Ballycoolin near Blanchardstown Dublin.

Particular Sciences grew to meet your needs and with developments in analytical and process technology. Our mission is to provide you the best technology and support possible in the island of Ireland.

This web site is part of our sales and support infrastructure. It was designed to help you find news, product, technology, manufacturer and support information. The home page is your starting point.

As you browse you will see our principles, the manufacturers of the products we supply and support. These include significant multinational, multi-product companies in Malvern Instruments, Micromeritics and Biolin Scientific. Also innovative market leaders like Formulaction, Freeman Technology, Surface Measurement Systems, Bionavis, PostNova and Sequoia. Take a look inside. Your buying stages