Local support from Particular Sciences includes:

Technical advice, sample evaluations, method support, reports, software support validation work, qualifications, preventative maintenance, field service and service contracts.

 Local support from Particular Sciences includes instruments in our laboratories and stock.

Mastersizer 3000
Complete wet & dry particle size analyser for your samples - in our demo labs in Dublin
Freeman Technology FT4
complete powder flow characterisation and sample analysis in our demo labs.
Biolin Scientific QSense QCM-D
On demonstration in DCU labs Dublin
PostNova FFF system
FFF installed in our demo labs in Dublin
Turbiscan Lab expert
Formulaction stability testing in our lab in Dublin
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Our demonstration stock includes:
      • Micromeritics – AccuPyc and Geopyc
      • Micromeritics  – BET (Tristar or Gemini or 3flex)
      • Micromeritics – FT4 Powder Flow
      • Malvern Panalytical  – Zetasizer Advanced Ultra
      • Netzsch – Kinexus Lab+, DSC
      • Biolin Scientific  – Attension Theta
      • BARDS dissolution technology
      • Applied Photophysics – Chirascan Circular Dichroism
      • Pion Inc Rainbow system
      • BEE high pressure homogeniser
      • Coherent Ondax  –  Terra Hertz Raman
      • HORC RIO 100 Raman immersion probe 
Particular Sciences facilities in Dublin 
      • Wet analysis demo lab
      • Dry powder analysis demo lab
      • Service lab to test incoming instruments
      • Full stock service kits and service tool kits for all instruments
      • Local stock of instrument consummables
        • Sample analysis services running routinely.
        • Remote demonstration via Microsoft Teams.
Demonstration stock by arrangement:
      • Malvern Panalytical – Morphologi 4
      • Malvern Panalytical – Spraytec
      • Malvern Panalytical – Epsilon ED XRF

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