When your new instrument arrives, it is just the beginning of the journey. You will formulate an aftercare plan for the instrument. Your users need training. Methods have to be developed and validated. Down the line, problems may need to be solved in hardware, software and applications. There is a lot to consider and plan. We are here to help. Our comprehensive customer support is here to back you up with all these aspects of instrument ownership.”

Applications – Your individual samples will require handling and analysis in appropriate ways. We can help you decide the best methods to do this.

 Service – Your instrument needs to be maintained properly to give you many years of proper performance. Problems also need to be fixed if they occur. Service contracts or standard callouts will provide you with the confidence that your instrument will have a long life

Courses/schools – Initial and refresher training is important to allow you to be a competent analyst. Your participation in courses and schools will give you the confidence and knowledge to get the most from your instrument.

End of manufacture – Analytical instrumentation is constantly changing and improving. New better models are released by manufacturers, so older models are no longer built. Knowledge of the support availability for older instruments will allow you to plan ahead for replacement and upgrade.

We are here to help. If you have any questions please contact us on: 01 820 53 95