Particular Sciences during Covid-19.

Particular Sciences are operating a full service to essential industry during Covid-19.

Particular Sciences during Covid-19 has engineers on-site somewhere on the island, installing or servicing your critical instruments. Every day we have a full team of remote specialists to address technical support. Every day we have staff fulfilling your purchase orders, expediting deliveries. Every day we operate a full technical sales service, tasking sample evaluations, Microsoft Teams discussions and remote demonstrations.

In this, we thank our staff for their extra effort and all our customers for their understanding. These have been difficult times, during which our scientific and technological industries have risen to the occasion, research continued and third level education managed.

  • Particular Sciences during Covid-19.
  • Under the management of our Covid H&S team and our dedicated Customer Service/Support leads we have carefully managed all visits to customers since early March 2020.
  • Particular Sciences follow all the guidance of the HSE concerning SARS‑CoV‑2 and Covid-19.
  • Iwona Pompka, Aoife O’Murchu with Sean or Donnchadha Quilty together overview each and every activity with our customers.
  • Service and Support jobs are graded according to our Covid priority policy (available on request).
  • Engineers are tasked with strict Social Distancing and full Covid-19 precautions.
  • Engineers are restricted in availability to minimise exposure/risk and Covid risk paperwork is mutually exchanged in advance with all customer companies.
  • Engineers do not stay overnight unless absolutely unavoidable. This usually means repeat day visits and substantial extra travel.
  • Particular Sciences reviews the levels of Covid-19 in the island and scales our precautions accordingly. We will not risk our staff or our customer’s health for the sake of expediency.
  • All staff and engineers are equipped with all necessary personal safety equipment and their activities, exposures and daily health are logged.
  • Particular Sciences are organised in teams as detailed under Staff with key functions based remotely, with service and support engineers available to travel and the premises, offices and stores staffed by essential workers.
  • The company premises are regulated with FULL HSE precautions in mind, no visitors, no foreign travel, quarantine as necessary, one person/office, full clean downs etc.
  • Particular Sciences have had Covid-19 antibody test kits and rapid Antigen test kits in use since summer 2020.