Vision technologies for material characterisation

Why use vision products?

With the prevalance of fast, automated particle size analysers like Malvern Mastersizer you get reproducibility, repeatability, size distributions and statistics. So do we need Vision systems at all?

The answer is yes, but not instead of Mastersizer and for the following reasons:

  • Image evidenvisionce can support or explain the results summarised in your distribution statistics. If you have change of size its important to confirm what’s happening with photographs.
  •  Only an imaging system gives you detailed shape information. And shape is important to the bulk properties of a powder. Shape with particle size and powder flow characteristics (Freeman FT4) give you the full picture.
  • You can add Raman to your vision system and gain useful spectroscopic information of the individual particles. With a static analyser like Morphologi G3-ID you can move back to noted particles and capture their spectra after imaging all the particles!
  • Fast camera optics can study changes in a dispersion or in a sample with treatment in real time. Dynamic vision systems like Hydro Sight can shorten method development times and resolve technical issues.




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