micro Rheology

Formulaction have taken the DWS principle a step further with MS-DWS for Multiple Speckle DWS and offer an approach to accurately characterize the viscoelastic properties of soft materials without shearing them or deforming them.

From the MS-DWS you calculate the mean square displacement of the photons (MSD) and from de-correlated curion of a more complicate processves, using a Generalized Stokes-Einstein Relation (GSER) you can calculate the microrheology Viscous and Elastic moduli (G’’µR , G’µR).

This is a very simple description of a complicated process.

“Multi-speckle Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy micro-rheology (MS-DWS µRheology) is a recently introduced technique that greatly simplifies rheological measurements. No macroscopic deformation is applied to the sample. Instead, state-of-the-art optical techniques are used to measure the nanometer-scale motion of the sample constituents due to thermal energy. Rheological properties are deduced from this motion using a well-established formalism. “Luca Cipelletti
Professor University of Montpellier,  Institut Universitaire de France Soft Material department.



Advantages of MS-DWS µRheology include:

  • measurements in the linear regime
  • no wall slip issues
  • samples contained in standard vials
  • no need to transfer the sample and clean the rheometer tools
  • fast measurements that allow the sample evolution to be monitored


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