BET systems

Micromeritics are the world’s largest supplier of gas adsorption instruments:

– used to estimate surface area by BET or for mesopore and Micropore distribution analyses and Isotherm studies.

Systems range widely from the manual flowing gas Flowsorb through Gemini, Tristar and the high specification ASAP 2020 analyser and the workhorse 2400 (see below).

Physi ViewCalc, download for free if you click to follow the links.

The current  Physi-sorption instrument line up now includes:

  • Flowsorb III entry level SSA manual analysers with classic lowing gas designs and TC detectors.
  • The Gemini has been updated with a new series VII, models 2390a, 2390p and 2390t, for occassional or routine automated operation.
  • The Tristar II model is for busier labs.
    • The Tristar II 3020 has a small footprint and more features than the 3000 installed in many Pharma labs in Ireland.
    • Key changes are in software especially new user diagnostics to troubleshoot installations and a Krypton version for low SSA and longer tubes/Dewar for isotherms.
  • ASAP 2020 is the high specification, expandable BET with options for Micropore, multigas analysis, chemisorption etc.
    • New Vapour adsorption kit for use with water or solvent vapours facilitates volumetric studies of water activity or the effects of solvents on Isotherms or SSA
  • ASAP 2420 is a unique heavy duty system with 12 degas and 6 analysis ports for simultaneous analysis.
  • ASAP 2050 is the latest physisorption instrument and dedicated to high pressures (10 atmos.) for Hydride and pressure swing analyses.