Static MLS

Static Multiple Light Scattering ( Static MLS) is a technology used by Formulaction in their Turbiscan instruments to sense changes in particulates in suspension or emulsion in complex systems.

These changes can be aggregation of materials or particle size, or floculation or settling with time or dissolution.

MLS what it is changesIn conventional optics with multiple scattering is not desireable as it causes the laser light to scatter to angles wider than predicted by  Mie Theory and this can cause errors in calculation of particle size. We usually constrain our samples to concentrations below the multiple scattering limit (>25% for large materials much less for fine ones). There are special systems like Insitec and Spraytec where a multiple scattering algorithm are used to correct these effects.

With Formulaction technology Static MLS is used to track changes in backscatter and Backscattering is directly related to the photon transport mean free path. Thus Backscattering intensity dependant on particle size and concentration gives us more information.

Monitor size change versus time

Monitor local concentration change versus time

Measure Particle mean diameter or concentration

Measure photon transport mean free path l* or photon mean free path l




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