Particular Sciences technologies that can be used for monitoring materials on-line, in-line or at-line.

The chief area is to monitor the particles in the streams, reactors, spray nozzles, mills or driers. And the main technology we offer is Laser Diffraction based Insitec systems from Malvern Instruments. Insitec is used in industries from Cement and Minerals to Pharmachem where its unique robustness and flexible interfacing have found many users worldwide.

There are numerous variants of the Insitec differing in their build rating, sampling, interfacing and application. The plot shown below left is from an inline Insitec monitoring the output from a Roller Compactor and showing the effect of an interruption on the output quality.

Process technology - wet granulation end point    MRK1244_fig5

But there is also a time of flight technology with a probe known as Parsum used for sizing larger particulates in line and especially for Wet Granulation processes as shown above right.

The third graphic is a plot of the cement size with time and variance from cement being milled in real time. This shows the 45 micron sizes alongside process information. information


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