Dynamic Vapour

Gravimetric dynamic vapour sorption (DVS)  was pioneered by Professor Darryl Williams  to characterise the interactions of vapours like water and organic solvents with solid materials.


DVS-ADVANTAGE-PlusBasically the DVS instrument uses an ultra sensitive micro-balance to hold the sample, inside a sealed and climate controlled chamber. Changes in weight are recorded as the concentrations of vapours are increased or decreased.

This approach replaced the classic “desiccator test” used for decades to assess moisture adsorption with multiple dessicators and manual sample weighings..

In comparison to the dessicator test, the DVS offers the modern world of isotherms, computerised data capture, improved sensitivity and most usefully – walk away operation.

DVS is now a valued tool in analytical laboratories all over the world. Within R & D applications range from polymorphism and stability studies to studies of the bulk and surface adsorption effects of water and organic vapours.

It’s also a quality control analysis techniques for both scale-up and production, and can be found within the packaging area, measuring both the efficacy and permeability of packaging materials, and the effects of humidity and temperature on the samples within the packaging.

A useful background to DVS is given in the Wikipedia article.

An informative webinar on DVS is available in this video link to a Micromeritics Particulate Systems web.




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