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Your valuable instrument needs to be maintained properly to give you the many years of quality performance you expect. Also problems need to be fixed in the field if (or when) they occur. We are here to help you do both.

  • Our engineers are Supplier trained to give you the best service. An annual preventative maintenance (PM) visit will mean your instrument gets an expert inspection every year. By going through a multi-point check, potential problems may be picked up before they affect your instrument’s performance and corrective action applied to avoid breakdowns.
  • Depending on your industry, you may also require validation or verification of your instrument’s performance. We can provide this, from basic performance verification to fully documented and certified IQ and OQ’s. Our engineers are manufacturer trained and authorised to carry out these validations.
  • In the event of a breakdown, we are equipped to execute most repairs in your laboratory. Only in the case of major work being required would your instrument be removed from site. We also hold a large stock of spares in-house, minimising downtime for most problems.
  • You can avail of our services as a standard call-out or part of a support plan. The support plans are designed to suit you depending on your industry and level of service required.
  • Academic contracts and plans are available for colleges and related institutes at lower prices to encourage some degree of PM service.
  • To see to plans on offer and the latest pricing, please click on the links in the left side bar.