How much sample mass can I put in my DVS?

  • SMS DVS have a low range and a high range balance setting.
  • The low range balance on the DVS Intrinsic has a capacity of 1g ( DVS Advantage is 1.5g). In both cases, the dynamic range is 150mg.
  • The high range balance on the DVS Intrinsic can handle 4g (DVS Advantage is 5g). With the high mass balances, the dynamic range is 1g.

Why do I need a balance counterweight for heavy samples?

  • Each balance has a limited dynamic range. Heavier samples may bring the balance close to the limit of its dynamic range. For example, if a sample weighing 140mg is placed in a low range DVS Intrinsic, then the maximum weight gain would be 10mg before the limit is reached. If a 100mg counter-weight is used, the maximum weight gain would be 110mg, since the balance is centered closer to its zero point.

What is the minimum and maximum temperature range of my instrument?

  • The temperature range of the DVS Intrinsic is 20C to 40C.
  • The range for a DVS Advantage is 5C to 60C. With the elevated temperature option, the range is 20C to 85C.

What gas flows do I use for higher temperatures and organics solvents?

  • For higher temperatures and organic solvents, the flow should be reduced to 100sccm.