Its a FAQ…..the most frequently asked question we get and the topic we most commonly discuss with customers is

3D FAQHow do we send you results?

We appreciate your report print outs..but what we always need is the raw data that underlies your result.

These will be embedded in a data file in your computer – usually under “documents” in a folder or under the instruments software.


So what we need is that individual file or some selected records from that file sent to us as an email attachment in their original format.

These can have extensions like *.mea or *.mmes or *.smp or *.dts and will vary in size from 50 Kb to 5 Mb.

Usually these are unique file structures, sometimes they are xls compatible…but we need the original, not an exported version.

We can reprocess that file and see the settings and raw captured data.

And thats what we need to advise you or identify what went wrong in the analysis.

NB There is one general exception and that applies to Morphologi, NanoSight and similar files where images are involved as well as data. In these cases we may need to have the file posted on a memory stick or CDrom.


In various sub-pages that follow, we have specific FAQs on the instruments and technologies you have from us.

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