End of Manufacture

Analytical instrumentation constantly evolves and models do get discontinued and replaced.

“Knowledge of the support availability for older instruments will allow you to plan ahead for replacement and upgrade. Most manufacturers plan support for 5-7 years after their end of manufacture (EOM).  Of course many older systems are reliable and may perform perfectly for years after that date. But no matter what we wish, unforeseen unavailability of parts can occur and then support is on a best effort basis.

We support several analytical systems >20-years of age and still in use in Ireland.


Malvern Panalytical Mastersizer 2000

Mastersizer 2000 launched in the 1990’s and the last models ceased manufacture in 2015. MS2000 LF systems are currently in their last years of support by Malvern Panalytical and will enter the end of support April 2022 EOM2081-02 Mastersizer 2000. Pre LF systems are already past their end-of-support timeline and are now serviced and supported on a best effort basis.

Particular Sciences announced a Local Upgrade Program in recent “Communications” – supported by Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Science for customers in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

For more details Mastersizer 2000 upgrade program v3. To engage with our support team on this program, please download and complete the following form and scan/return by email. MS2000 upgrade program request form v3

For the next 18 months, you have time to investigate, plan and compare results on both platforms and validate methods. After that date, continuity of MS2000 service is based on best effort and comparisons may be problematic.