End of Manufacture

Analytical instrumentation constantly evolve and older models do get discontinued.

“Knowledge of the support availability for older instruments will allow you to plan ahead for replacement and upgrade. Most manufacturers plan support for 5-7 years after their end of manufacture (EOM).  Of course many older systems are reliable and may perform perfectly for years after that date. But no matter what we wish, unforeseen unavailability of parts can occur and then support is on a best effort basis.

We have many systems over 20 years old in routine use in Ireland.

Mastersizer S for example ceased being manufacturer in 2005 and full support continued until December 2012. Since then we have continued to provide support to the installed base on a best effort basis, visiting customers on time/labour basis and helping you maintain the systems.

We also help with method transfer to newer systems and advise on replacement systems. More details are available on the position with Mastersizer S in Ireland, in this download of MSS support letter