...Measure and characterise particles within your running process

The name SOPAT stands for Smart Online Particle Analysis Technology.  

SOPAT specialise in the precise characterisation of particles in  chemical processes in real conditions, real time. The developed technology consists of a photo-optical sensor probe with integrated and highly intelligent image analysis. SOPAT probes measure the sizes of drops, bubbles or solid matters in real-time within gas or liquid systems.

There are different probes available: known as industry probe, laboratory probe, high pressure probe, high speed probe, microscope prob. There are also in-view cameras.

Undesired sizes of grain in processes can lead to costly product loss, damage in the machinery or filtration systems and lead to safety risks. Monitoring powders in real-time will give you enough time to
react correspondingly.

The properties of droplets in multiphase systems (e.g., water/oil) influence separation efficiency and mass transport. Knowing their size will enable you to minimize energy cost and waste.

Real processes and materials vary in their properties and nature. SOPAT software is able to distinguish between different
materials and render separate size and characteristic distributions accordingly.

No two seeds are the same but our systems are able to distinguish the good from the bad. Automate quality control to get reproducible results around the clock.