Rentals from Particular SciencesParticular Sciences can arrange Instrument and equipment rentals of most of the items we distribute.

Typically, this is a contract arrangement with a monthly fee of 10% of the capital value of the product. The cost may be rebatable if you decide to purchase during the rental period.

Rentals are usually for a minimum three month period. Local costs like qualifications, consumables and facilities are excluded from the rental calculation and not rebatable. Users of course get the same full warranty, support and training as offered with .

Customers must Insure the property whilst in their care, appoint an individual to be responsible and return in good condition, cleaned and de-contaminated as required.

Rentals are useful when you have a current need for an Instrument; but have not been approved to purchase the system. Or when you have an expected short term project for which you need the technology and do not require it long term. Rentals are also useful when you wish to evaluate your needs or see if the equipment satisfies requirements.