Particular Sciences have two laboratories for demonstrations of our analytical instruments

For customer samples there is a fully equipped “demo” laboratory.

In the service area we have a test lab for heavier instruments and for sample testing on instruments before delivery.

Particular Sciences generally have a stock of new models and can also arrange loaners from our suppliers.

The instruments available for demonstrations changes from time to time. The list of  instruments we have at present is shown in the table in the next page.

To avail of a demonstration contact anyone of the sales engineers who will check availability and discuss samples with you.


demonstrations MS3000     demonstrations samplesdemonstrations Freeman Powder Rheometer in Lab with John Sloane



In most cases we will seek to test your samples before the demo – and with the samples we need a letter identifying them chemically and full MSDS data sheets.

Samples must be clearly labelled and safely contained.

If you would like to have samples tested or see a demonstration contact any of the sales engineers or Danielle Dempsey in the office..

We can also bring most of the equipment to your site; so more of your colleagues can evaluate the instrument and its capabilities.

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