In our laboratories, we have the facility to demonstrate many of the material testing technologies we offer and support.

The instruments available change with your needs but currently we have in stock the systems listed below. For a demonstration please contact any sales engineer or the office.

  • Mastersizer 3000, wet and dry particle sizing with HydroSight
  • Zetasizer Ultra for DLS, SLS, MADLS, Zp and concentration
  • MicroCal PEAQ ITC for small volume microcalorimetry
  • Tristar 3030 BET for surface area and mesopore distribution
  • Accupyc 1340 for true density
  • Freeman FT4 complete powder flow characterisation
  • Freeman UPT for uniaxial powder testing
  • Fluid Imaging Flow Cam for micron range dynamic imaging
  • Formulaction Turbiscan for sample stability tests
  • Kinexus rotational rheometer