After sales support

And so to the all important Support phase of your purchase:

The Support extends from delivery right through to annual maintenance and breakdown planning,

  • Installation and commissioning
  • IQ and OQ
  • Method validation or transfer
  • Training by the supplier
  • Support on methods
  • Annual service or maintenance plan
  • Breakdown planning and long term in field service support.

 How do we help with support:

Well, support has always been our primary concern.

Since we were founded in 1989 Particular Sciences has invested heavily in service tools, parts, service kits and the associated training that keeps our skills up to date. Each of our sales engineers is qualified in more one or more technology, to install, validate, train and service to the highest standards.


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And we call the entire process from your first discovery to support – Sales:       

Follow the links for how we help  Discovery, on Evaluation, with Buying.