The sales process really begins when you the customer decides to look for a new instrument.

customers in a sales quandry

new colours graphic sales process 2


When buying a new instrument you are faced with researching the market, collecting information, making choices and then recommending your choice(s) to a purchasing function. You then have to plan for installation, commissioning, user training, qualifications, method development, maintenance, service and long term support.


Thats a big task.


Our role in this is to help you with information, technical expertise, advise as well as service/support.

And Particular Sciences has a team of sales engineers to serve you in this process.

Our sales engineers provide specialised support to your technical buying .

We can help you from the first stages in Discovery right up to planning long term support.

Its not just about quotations and order processing!


And we call this entire process Sales:       

Follow the links for how we help Discovery, on Evaluation, with Buying and how we help with after-sales Support.