Zetasizer WT

Water treatment, zeta potential – control your coagulation!

The Zetasizer WT is a fully automated system that delivers lab quality zeta potential measurements on-line. This allows real-time monitoring of flocculation, process performance and efficient charge neutralization.

Finally On-line charge measurements you can trust are finally here!


Zetasizer_WT_01 (1)The Zetasizer WT combines Malvern’s industry leading Electrophoretic Light Scattering technology with two decades of expertise with in-process measurements to produce a dedicated on-line zeta potential analyzer for water treatment plants.

No more guess work – accurate and reliable results in [mV] provide a clear range for dosing control.

Respond to changes in raw water before they cause filtration problems!

Reduce chemical use to optimum for forming a stable floc.

Overdose no more!




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