Zetasizer Helix

The Zetasizer Helix for DLS with Raman.

Malvern’s new Zetasizer Helix delivers structural information at the molecular level, providing mechanistic insight into the formation of oligomers, unfolding, and aggregation processes of biopharmaceuticals.


600x400_Helix_system_01The Helix DLS with Raman retains all of the functionality of the very high performance Zetasizer Nano ZSP and adds Raman spectroscopy to determine secondary and tertiary structure of proteins and protein-based bio therapeutics.

This wealth of characterization data provided by a single instrument platform provides the understanding to enable more efficient drug development processes, shortening time to market, and increasing drug product quality. The exceptional performance also enables the measurement of the molecular weight and second virial coefficient, A2, of macromolecules and kD, the DLS interaction parameter.




DLS light source: He-Ne laser 633nm, Max 10mW

Raman light source: Diode laser 785nm, Max 280mW at the sample


Kaiser Optical Systems Inc. Raman Rxn1

Spectral performance: 150 cm-1 to 1850 cm-1, 6 cm-1 resolution

Laser spot size at sample:<300 µm


raman and dls screenshotHelix DLS with Raman, being able to size and examine such materials structure at the same time, in the same experiment is very powerful.

This is shown in the graph and plot (left) of Lysozyme denaturing with temperature. This is taken from a paper written from work in Malvern’s BioScience Development Initiative and available to download here.

Helix is a new system, in what we call an early access phase with support by specialists from  Malvern working alongside our company staff.

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