Nanosampler is use with ZetasizerNanosampler – the new autosampler for all Zetasizer Nano sizing systems

Launched recently, the Nanosampler delivers automated sample processing to the busier lab or for special projects or for multivariate analyses.

Compact and easy to use the Nanosampler has 96 vial capacity and you can inject up to 3 times from each vial. Once installed you can choose to work from the autosampler, or to load a sample manually.

The Nanosampler avails of all the benefits of automation – like throughput, unattended operation, improved reproducibility, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), cleaning between samples and of course works with NIBS so that changes in sample concentrations are not a problem.

The Nanosampler is suited to Colloids, nanoparticles, Micelle and any submicron sizing application where reasonable amounts of sample are available (>750ul).

Product Technology
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