Viscotek is the Malvern brand for Gel Permeation technology (GPC) or Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC).


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Viscotek were best known for their capillary viscosity detectors, technology they pioneered in Houston Texas for the polymer industry.

Now Viscotek are known for their use of triple detection technology (TDA) that gives the Absolute molecular weight directly.

But they are also a complete supplier of hardware, software, columns and calibration standards for characterising polymers – and part of the Malvern family.

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Products Technology
GPC modular detectors GPC
TDA Max complete GPC SEC
DSV for Dilute Solution Viscometry DSV
Columns for GPC and SEC FIPA
Omnisec software for GPC, FIPA, DSV etc SELS app note
SEC-MALS detector
HT-GPC for temperatures from 30 to 160C