Viscosizer TD

Automating ultra-low volume Taylor Dispersion Analysis

Malvern Viscosizer TD is an automated biophysical characterization tool utilizing Taylor Dispersion Analysis and providing ultra-low volume, solution-based molecular size and stability measurement capabilities, combined with Poiseuille flow for relative viscosity assessment

This new technology is driven by unique UV area imaging, and at its heart is a unique dual-pass capillary system, with two detection windows removing any injection time error.

600x400_viscosizer_TD_01Viscosity – at each window, the UV absorbance of the passing sample is analyzed using a UV area imaging detector. Poiseuille’s Law is employed to give an accurate, reproducible measurement of viscosity. For those working within biopharmaceutical preformulation and formulation development, who need rapid viscosity information on a large number of low volume samples, in order to assess candidate developability, the Viscosizer TD is a great solution.

The system also enables sizing of UV-active molecules present within complex formulations or matrices, lending itself to a range of applications, including the measurement of proteins and small molecules within excipient-laden formulations. The underlying principle is Taylor Dispersion Analysis of how the sample peak profile broadens between Window 1 and Window 2.


Viscosizer TD is fully automated and can analyze stability of small molecules, peptides and proteins, and samples with mixtures of these species – even in the presence of excipients and surfactants that can be the source of measurement interference in other techniques


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