Formulaction’s Turbiscan systems are used worldwide to accelerate the sensing of changes inside complex suspensions and emulsions.

Turbiscans are the most successful product of the type in use worldwide and very sensitive to real change under real conditions

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  • Inside the optics system, samples in cylindrical tubes are vertically scanned with a strong NIR source and forward Transmission and reflected Backscattered light intensities are read and stored at 40 micron intervals.
  • This process is repeated at intervals and a series of light scattering curves record changes in sample concentration and particle size, with time.
  • In use this facilitates detection of differences 50 times faster than the human eye  in “bottle tests”.
  • Turbiscan then computes a Stability Index (TSI) from sequential change in MLS in just one-click after the data acquisition and ranks your samples from the least to the most stable automatically.lab



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