Tristar II

TriStar II and PLUS

The TriStar II is a fully automated, three-station, surface area and porosity analyzer that delivers high-quality data at an affordable price.

It is capable of increasing the speed and efficiency of routine quality control analyses, yet has the accuracy, resolution, and data reduction capability to meet most research requirements. First available as a 3000, this product has taken the lead in many industrial chemical and Pharmachem labs as the instrument of choice. Positioned in the product line up between the Gemini and the 3Flex/ASAP models, Tristar offers workload capacity for QC and QA, good performance for BET, isotherm analyses and standard pore studies.

The TriStar II (3020) uses the legacy file structure and is available with Confirm 21CFR part 11 software. The instrument combines versatility in analysis methods and data reduction to allow the user to optimize analyses to specific applications.

Tristar II plus (3030) differs from the standard version in the use of a steel manifold, improved chemical resistance, 40 hour Dewar for long runs, new file structure (not compatible with Confirm software) and with fully featured  embedded MicroActive software and the  instrument status display facility.

Both versions have a  Krypton Option when supplied with a high vacuum pump and 10 Torr transducer allowing low pressure measurements and estimation of a very low surface areas.

Tristar is usually paired with a FlowPrep 6 port sample degas station, but you can also use a Vac Prep, SmartPrep or the new Smart VacPrep system.



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