Sigma is the brand for Attension force tensiometers.


They each contain massSigma 703 force tensiometer balances to measure the force of the meniscus between a solid (Whilhelmy Plate) and a liquid; or with the push and pull modes like with Du Nouy rings.


The Sigma 703D is the simplest model, a stand alone unit with robust performance and specifications and at affordable pricing.

Measurements are displayed on the clear screen in real time and can be exported to a PC with the available software.

Ideal for quick measurement of surface tension of liquids or the interfacial tension between liquids. CMC can be determined but it is not automatic. Temperature control is by external water bath

The Attension Sigma 702 adds a motorized sample stages and  integrated water jacketed vessel holder.

The Attension Sigma 700 and 701 models  have much higher specifications and performance, full automation and a huge range of accessories.

A particular benefit of 700/701 systems is critical micelle concentration testing with two optional dispensers, allowing a full CMC curve in one unattended measurement.

For more information, take a look at underlying principles or go to the Biolin website

applications of force tensiometers
  • Surface tension
  • Interfacial tension
  • Critical micelle concentration (CMC)
  • Powder wettability
  • Dynamic contact angles
  • Surface free energy
  • Absorption
  • Cleanliness
  • Surface heterogeneity
  • Density