The SEA instrument is a completely new inverse gas chromatography system from SMS.


The SEA is named forSEA - Surface Energy Analyser the initials in Surface Energy Analyser and is designed to characterise or study the surface energies of solids like powders and fibres.

Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) as a technique has been around for 10 years or so (read more).

The basic principle is to flow selected vapours across your solid samples, in a closed tube and detect changes with an FID (Flame Ionization Detector).
The earlier IGC systems were built around good quality GC units modified with additional vapour systems, valves, automnation and control circuits; and of course extensive control software and computational facilities.

The new purpose built SEA is more compact, neater, easier to work with, more versatile and all around a significant improvement.

The SEA system is for chemists who want to study surface energetics, map surfaces for energy heterogeneity, measure heats of sorption, study adsorption isotherms, phase transitions and diffusion kinetics.

Surface Energy Analysis comes with:

  • facilities for up to 12 solvent vapours,
  • a temperature range from 15 ~ 150C (high temp option),
  •  a variable volume injection,
  • optional thin film accessory,
  • optional humidity control
  • dedicated easy to fill and lower cost columns.
  • The SEA can accept 2 columns at once.

SEA full Brochure

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