Q-Sense E4

Q-Sense is the brand name of the instruments manufactured by the company Q-Sense, now part of Biolin Scientific.

Q-Sense instruments are all based on one of their seven compact QCM-D sensor modules.
  • Q-Sense E1 shown left is a reliable, single-sensor QCM-D that has replaced the older D300 system.
  • The E1 enables accurate and simple QCM-D measurements of real-time molecular interactions.
  • Our QCM-D systems characterise the interface in terms of structure and mass.
  • So provide novel insight on viscoelastic properties and assembly of many surface substrates before, during and after interaction


Q-Sense systemThe next level up of Q-sense instrument is the 4 sensor Q-Sense E4:

  • 4-sensor chamber allows high throughput and makes reproducibility easy.
  • Flow measurements. Chamber specifically designed for controlled flow measurements
  •  Easy cleaning. All parts exposed to liquid are easily removed for individual cleaning.
  • Complete software package for presentation and analysis of data.
  • Maximum sensitivity by using the latest electronics and software.

Then for heavier workloads again we have the Q-Sense Omega:

  • Q-sense omega-auto8-sensor module Allows high throughput and makes reproducibility easy. Use the 8 sensor module to program 2 by 4 experiments in flow mode or run 8 parallel measurements in stagnant mode.
  • FlexiFlow feature and high reproducibilityHigh precision flow-control is ensured by using syringe pumps that work separately and allow 4 channels to be used independently. Programing automated mixing including concentration gradients of samples ensures high reproducibility.
  • Down to 50 ?l sample per sensor Q-Sense Omega Auto allows for precise sample handling, ensuring effective use of samples.
  • Built-in temperature control in software Temperatures can be set between 4 and 70°C enabling stable temperature control. Pre-cooling or heating of sample racks is possible.


Q-sense 7 modulesQ-Sense sensor modules:

  • Electrochemistry Module
  • Ellipsometry Module
  • Flow module
  • Humidity module
  • Open module
  • Window module
  • High Temperature Chamber




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