The Parsum  measures particle size and velocity of individual particles in process streams.

Parsum Probes use Spatial Filter Velocimetry to deliver in situ, real-time size and velocity measurements for solid particles suspended in a pneumatic or gravity flow gas stream. Robust, dustproof and waterproof they measure particles in the size range 50-6000 µm with velocities from 0.01-50 m/s and are suitable for any industrial environment.


Parsum IPP 70-SLParsum atline stationParsum d23 eductor







600x400_parsum_4-20mA_interface_220x138 MRK1772-01_fig09









In the photos above you can see a standard dustproof and waterproof S probe, a Parsum mounted in a table for “at-line” testing in process environments, a dispersion probe with special inlet and a diagram of the 4~20 mA control often used. The D23 disperser dilutes and disperses material drawn from the process, simultaneously directing it towards the measurement zone of the IPP 70 probe. It ensures robust and accurate sizing for particles with a Dv50 in the range 50 to 1200 µm, making it especially useful for direct measurement within fluidized beds

  • No Calibration Required
  • Patented Measurement Technique
  • Volumetric Size and Linear Number Distributions
  • Constant measurement and no time gaps in data
  • Doesn’t assume spherical particles
  • Intrinsically Safe options
  • Long Probe options
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