NS300 Nanosight Instrument from Malvern Instruments

The NS300 provides an  advanced platform for nanoparticle characterization in multiuser labs or for the more demanding application.

The NS300 is also optimised for fluorescence work, with an optional  motorized 6 place filter wheel controlled from within the software that allows  multiple labels can be analysed simultaneously. A software-controlled motorized optical stage enables rapid relocation and refocusing following cleaning, improving reproducibility. Finally, the sample temperature is fully programmable through the Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) software.

Demonstration system in PSL labs in Dublin:

We have installed a system with Blue (488nm) laser complete with  a sCMOS high sensitivity camera and 500nm long pass filter in our Dublin labs.  Gerry Power is available to arrange demonstrations or undertake sample evaluations. The system has both version 2.3 and version 3.0 software available for use and the compact system can be demonstrated with a special laptop.


NS300 NanoSight   NS300 NanoSight Syringe pump


We are posting a short form price list for you to download on NS300 and LM10. See the icon on the left side bar for the link.

If you would like a quote or a fuller price please contact sales.

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