NTA syringe pump

The syringe pump allows an increased number of sample particles that are detected and tracked during an analysis.

This gives a more representative sample population and increases the repeatability of the size distribution results, especially for polydisperse samples. It also improves the repeatability of concentration measurements, by continually introducing fresh sample volumes during analysis. This, in combination with the SCRIPT batch analysis procedure, ensures consistent standard operation procedures for the most accurate and reproducible concentration measurements, especially for counting larger particles and aggregates.

Furthermore, increasing the sampling population allows for more accurate analysis of extremely dilute systems, which would otherwise require extremely long capture duration to detect and track sufficient particles for statistically robust measurements.

Using the syringe pump reduces the photo-bleaching effect seen by fluorescent nanoparticles illuminated by the laser beam under static flow conditions. Flowing fluorescent labelled samples through the beam reduces the time each particle is being illuminated by the laser and is therefore highly recommended for fluorescent labelling studies. A fresh population of un-bleached nanoparticles is continually introduced into the instrument field of view, giving improved statistics for fluorescence measurements.

Nanosight syringe pump