NanoSight software

NanoSight software version 3.1 version 2  released June 2015 for  all instruments and especially those  with Syringe pumps

Main features of this new Nanosight software upgrade are:  Improved robustness of concentration measurement with

  • ·      Improved repeatability
  • ·      Compensates for user settings
  • ·      Improved inter/intra lab reproducibility
  • ·      Simplifies software use and interpretation of results

The applications where concentration is important include

  • Exosome & microvesicle applications – improving purification methodology, understanding stability, assessing concentration in normal and disease states, etc.
  • Protein aggregation studies – identifying early onset of aggregation, stability studies, etc.
  • Virus, vaccine and VLP applications – understanding the relationship between total and active virus particles, improving VLP production methods, etc.
  • Nanotoxicology – discerning proportions of sub 100nm particles, time course studies, etc.


ns 3.1 v2 imageThe relevant Software Update Notification (SUN) from Malvern is now available for download NanoSight-NTA31-I2-SUN-Software-Update-Notification (click again when link page opens).


The current plan is that software is available FOC to NanoSight customers in Ireland and Northern Ireland, together with pdf of the installation guide, user manuals etc.

If you need a sales engineer to install the software, there will be a minimum 2 hour charge and 1 hour travel. Also please check that your computer can support the software before booking this and that you have a backup of results and video files.

Please contact for an appointment.

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