NanoSight joined Malvern in 2013 bringing a unique and patented technology to Malvern’s particle sizing portfolio.



The Malvern and Nanosight team

NanoSight’s instrumentation and software enable the rapid and simultaneous multi-parameter analysis and characterization of many different types of nanoscale particles.

With their ability to analyze particle size, concentration, zeta potential and aggregation, their products are closely aligned with Malvern’s market-leading Zetasizer range.

NanoSight were founded in 2002 and grew steadily from their base in Amesbury near Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK.

Their range of instruments utilizes Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) to characterize nanoparticles from 10nm -2000nm (range is sample dependant).

Each particle is individually but simultaneously analyzed by direct observation and measurement of diffusion events. This particle-by-particle methodology produces high resolution results for particle size distribution and count, while visual validation provides users with additional confidence in their data. Both particle size and count are measured, while a fluorescence mode provides differentiation of labelled or naturally fluorescing particles.

NanoSight technology has found success with Exosomes, Vesicles, Nanotoxicology Virology and Protein aggregation researchers world-wide.




NanoSight products  NanoSight Technologies  NTA software
LM10 NTA 3.1 version 2 released
NS300 NTA with Fluorescent samples 3.1 version 2 released
NS500 as above with Zetapotential 3.1 version 2 released