Morphologi is the brand Malvern use for their automated full range, size & shape analyser based on vision technology.

Morphologi G3 is a third generation vision product with a complete range of accessories and cells, sample holders and slides can be used for powders, slurries and suspensions.

Based on static imaging technology with high quality image capture, the G3 is a flexible platform for size and shape analysis. Most particles will have >100 pixels and hundreds of thousands of particles can be processed for statistically useful size and shape results. Particles from 0.5 microns to several millimetres can be imaged and analysed – in suspensions, as powders or on filters.

The technique is often used in conjunction with laser diffraction particle sizing, to gain a deeper understanding of product or process behaviour. This is also a powerful adjunct to particle sizing method development.

Morphologi G3 S features an inbuilt dry powder dispersion system that conveniently disperses and prepares large slides with your samples.

Morphologi G3 -ID provides a unique capability, combining automated static imaging features of the Morphologi G3 with chemical identification of individual particles using Raman spectroscopy.

The Morphologi G3

dry powder dispersion    Morphologi G3-ID with Raman   Raman ID of particles



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