The Malvern NanoSight LM10 instrument is an easy-to-use platform for nanoparticle characterization with NTA technology.

The LM10 shown below left is the manual entry to NTA technology and yet facilitates rapid and accurate analysis of the size distribution and concentration of all types of nanoparticles from 10nm to 2000nm in diameter ( depending on the instrument configuration and sample type).

The centre image is of a sample being loaded in a syringe for fluorescent work.

The screen shot image below shows Virus particles being tracked at 30fps and the resultant overlay of size is an intensity plot.

Options include choice of standard or high sensitivity camera, choice of Red, Green, Blue or Violet lasers, temperature control of the sample (ambient and  -5 to +55 C) and with an optional syringe pump for continuous sample addition or for reagent and fluorescence work with biological systems. In the latter cases there are also a range of optical filters for the LM10 system that you can select from.

LM10 NanoSight

Nanosight syringe pump NTA image and plot


We are posting a short form price list for you to download on LM10. See the icon on the left side bar for the link.

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