Submersible Suspended Sediment Sensors

The submersible series includes:

  • LISST-100X
  • LISST-25X

Of these, the LISST-100X is the workhorse. It delivers the size distribution of suspended sediments in 32 logarithmically spaced size classes.  Different models of this instrument cover different range of sizes.  These instruments can be used as laboratory instruments, with provided accessories.

The LISST-STX is an extended version of the LISST-100X, with an added Settling Tube (ST stands for Settling Tube). This instrument is designed to perform submerged settling experiments to obtain settling velocities of 8 size classes.  With the settling column removed, the LISST-STX may be used as a -100X, but with less than optimal flow through the sample volume.

The LISST-25X is a patented derivative product. It delivers the suspended sediment concentration and  mean size in two size classes (2.5-63 and 63-500 microns).

All of the above submersible instruments incorporate a depth sensor. They are powered by internal batteries and store data internally.

The LISST-SL is an isokinetic version of the LISST-100X developed for river sediment monitoring. It senses river velocity and adjusts intake velocity to match. Optics and electronics are enclosed. Data are stored on a bridge-top Topside box.

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