Field and Portable Particle/Sediment Size Analyzers

  • The LISST-Portable
  • LISST-StreamSide
  • LISST-Infinite

The LISST-Portable is a portable field or laboratory device for particle size and concentration measurements.  It is battery operated, easily transported (car, airplane, train, mail), is equipped with a touch panel display for easy programming and data display. No computer is necessary except for data offload. Data are processed immediately upon collection and stored on board – no post-processing is necessary.

The LISST-StreamSide is meant for use in shallow streams or rivers and is designed for applications where bio-fouling is an issue, or streams are too shallow for instrument submergence, or there exist concerns regarding the safety of the equipment from flowing debris or due to vandalism. The instrument is designed to be enclosed in a shed, wth power provided. A pump is inserted in the stream to deliver water. This device displays the size distribution in real time on a plasma display and stores processed data for subsequent download. Deliveries are planned for mid-2007.

The LISST-Infinite is designed for measuring very high concentrations of sediment, such as occur in rivers or in run-of-river Hydro power plants. The instrument is placed in a shed and again, water is pumped through it. A clean water source is required for dilution. The instrument performas dilutions if needed. In this manner particle size and concentration can be measured in suspensions of up to 250 g/l.