The LISST-Portable is the world’s only truly portable particle size analyzer.

And it is compact, robust and well priced. Indeed a full system can cost less than €25,ooo.

It can be used outdoors in the field, on a boat, factory floor, or in the laboratory when you get back to base.

Using the same small-angle laser scattering principles as all Sequoia LISST products, the LISST-Portable analyses samples in a wet-state and obtains particle size distribution  and particle volume concentration.

The LISST-Portable incorporates a mixing chamber with a pump capability to keep the largest particles suspended.

Weighing  7 kgs and housed in a moisture-tight, shock-resistant case, the LISST-Portable is built for the rigors of transport and field use.

The LISST-Portable includes a rechargeable battery pack, a microprocessor for control, data processing and data storage, and a touch panel display for programming and display of the size distribution of analyzed samples. Data are fully processed on board and stored as ASCII files, which can subsequently be offloaded to a PC.

LISSt-portable Result distribution Result table