Sequoia Scientific manufacturer the LISST series of size analysers designed for field use.


The array of instruments originated with applications in the marine environment, but now includes stream-gauging, paper emulsifier optimzation, airborne cloud dropet measurements and others still in development.

LISST particle sizer

Sequoia is the sole manufacturer of the LISST series laser sediment/particle/bubble/droplet sensing instruments, compliant with the ISO-13320 standard. Some of these instruments deliver the optical volume scattering function (VSF) of interest to optical oceanographers. The products are fully submersible and some are non-submersible instruments. All employ the small-angle forward scattering principle, also called low-angle laser scattering or laser diffraction.


LISST stands for Laser In Situ Scattering and Transmissometry.

A slide show on YouTube describes the laser diffraction technology used in LISST instruments, as well as some common applications for the most popular LISST particle sizers


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