Kinexus accessories

Kinexus is a versatile design with rigid and deliberately roomy chassis to accommodate a range of accessories for rheological tests.

First the all important Geometries, the easy-to-fit measuring systems with auto-recognition and a range of environmental cassettes, like the 25mm plate shown bottom left. A complete range of these are available to suite every possible analytical requirement. Even specials like vane geometries or helical designs are available to order. All geometry constants and test set-up preferences are  automatically configured and an autolock in the software allows the operator to trim the sample before testing.

Second the Kinexus features as standard a modular environmental cartridge like the Peltier controlled Plate shown in the 2nd photo being inserted by the operator. This cartridge securely locates and couples all electrical, communication and fluidic connections in one go. With a temperature control range from -40 to +200C (chiller required below -5C) and a resolution of 0.01C all standard tests and most demanding applications are easily tasked. Next along is the Peltier Cylinder cartridge that has a similar temperature range and accepts 14mm, 25mm and even 34mm diameter bobs. Kinexus options in cylinders includes double gap geometries.

600x400_kinexus_measuremt_systems_1_220x138  600x400_kinexus_Peltier_cartridge_220x138600x400_kinexus_Pelt_cylinder_cartridge_220x138600x400_kinexus_ActiveHood_cartridge_220x138

Finally, in addition to Solvent Traps for use with Plate Geometries, the Kinexus range has an  Active Hood Peltier Plate cartridge as seen in the photo #4.  This proprietary design to prevent thermal losses in the local sample environment, and hence minimize sample thermal gradients. Applicable to the measurement of highly thermally-sensitive samples, and for temperature-critical testing where the temperature range is significantly above or below ambient.