Next generation rheometer redefines ease of use

Kinexus is the brand name of a family of high-end rotational rheometers designed by Malvern Instruments.

Kinexus enables you to precisely analyze the rheology i.e. the flow and deformation properties of your materials. But more, Kinexus software makes it easier to tackle measurements that are not always intuitive to analysts who are not specialist rheologists.

The Kinexus design has been underpinned with the market-defining strengths of the previous generation of Bohlin rheometers, coupled with advances in shear and vertical (axial) testing, to deliver a rotational rheometer platform with unprecedented dual-action capabilities. Unique rSpace software provides a user interface that offers total flexibility of test set-up for research and development, through to Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) driven testing for more routine rheological requirements.

The photographs from the left show Kinexus lab+, the Kinexus pro+ and the new Kinexus ultra+ eachidentified by their colour coded badges. The lab+ as the name suggests the Kinexus model for routine and QC applications, the higher specification pro+ will facilitate complex rheology investigations while the ultra+ has the highest performance air bearing with a resolution of 0.05Nm.


600x400_kinexus_labplus_4 600x400_kinexus_proplus_4 600x400_kinexus_ultraplus_1


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