The word evolved from In Situ Technology, a coverall term a process environment.

“Insitec systems deliver the online continuous particle size analysis needed for efficient, cost-effective monitoring and control of industrial processes. Suitable for the widest variety of process streams from dry powders to hot sticky slurries, sprays and emulsions, whether milligrams of material or hundreds of tonnes per hour. Insitec systems measure particles in the size range 0.1 micron to 2.5 mm.”


Insitec_Wet      Process Control   Insitec_Dry

Insitec Spray, Insitec Dry and Insitec Wet are each industrially robust, technologically proven process particle size analyser for sprays and aerosols, dry powders and for slurries and emulsions respectively.

The Insitec platform uses laser diffraction technology to measure droplets, powders or particulates from 0.1 µm to 2500µm. The Insitec Spray and Dry can measure highly concentrated samples directly while Insitec Wet can be engineered with dilutors and samplers for unattended operation.

Insitec can be configured to suit practically every process, delivering real-time monitoring and control 24/7. The extensive Options include systems designed for:

  • Gas or dust zoned hazardous environments.
  • Fully automated concentration control.
  • Pharmaceutical processes.
  • Customized Configuration
  • Partnered Solutions
  • Mobile application.
  • Abrasive materials.
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