Viscotek HT-GPC offers complete detection (RI, UV, light scattering and a viscometer) in a fully temperature controlled system for demanding applications.

HT-GPC Viscotek

The Viscotek HT-GPC is specifically for the molecular weight and structure characterization of polyolefins, with no bulk filtration of sample, and with the ability to handle other polymers, such as polythiophene, PEEK and PVF that require temperatures from approximately 100°C up to 160°C to stay in solution.

Complete with the system is a 30 place vortex mixing autosampler. Not only are the 40ml vial positions heated, but so are the lines to the columns which are inside the detector/oven.

Product Technology
HT-GPC web page  PolyOlefin technology package webinar
Carbon filled Polyethylene on HT-GPC, webinar